Thank you for visiting – an idea I had when friends and colleagues kept seeking me out for “help with the right words” and “a different idea to stand out” – among the pleas I was all too happy answer! Words are my passion and marketing and PR writing excites me.


So who am I? Andrea! Nice to meetcha!

My professional bragging snippet? A proficient writer and content strategy expert with 20 years of experience in Marketing and Public Relations, I am a strategic thinker who comprehends complex information to produce copy that is clear, engaging, and persuasive.

My friendlier human self-assessment? A fun and reliable friend who loves cats, theatre, pizza, and crime shows.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered that running my own business is full of delicious challenges and surprising opportunities for me to experience all sorts of things that bring me joy. Plus, I get to meet some rather impressive people while I’m at it!

So, I’m owning and it loving it. And believe that being a person people want to work with, collaborate with, ideate with, laugh with, and yes, even stress with, is important to me. Life is connecting – so let’s do that!

All my best,

Andrea Frassoni